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Pleun Interiors – Curtains

Curtains are the real mood makers in the house. Beautiful curtains ensure that your interior is completely finished. You can design your curtains to meet your own taste.

You can choose from transparent curtains, in-between curtains, closed curtains and blackout curtains. For transparent curtains you can choose from various qualities, such as a lace fabric or an in-between fabric. In addition, we have a wide range of dense fabrics that can be made into normal curtains, but that can also be lined. Finishing a curtain with a lining gives a curtain a fuller look, so you create a luxurious curtain. A curtain can also be finished with a blackout lining. Blackout curtains are mainly used in bedrooms. Both linings are available in various colors. The lining also has an insulating effect for cold and drafts, especially if you only have glass you will notice that lined curtains insulate well. Another important function is the acoustics. For good acoustics, you also need fabric in the form of a carpet or fabric sofa, but curtains also have a great added value for the acoustics in your interior.