The love of interior design

The love of interior design

I love interior design, don’t you? It has always been the focus throughout my working life, whether it’s promoting a gorgeous product or styling it. For me, the two go happily together; once you’ve created a beautiful picture and you know how to write a story about it, it’ll be easy to promote it. With this in mind, and heaps of work experience I started my own PR & Styling agency 10 years ago this summer.

When I started as a stylist back in 1993, I moved from Marie Claire magazine to a small PR agency in London. There I used my creativity in styling home products and learning all about writing press releases, press relations and organising events. It was a bit like working for AbFab…

I developed an eye in noticing upcoming trends and translating them to the press with press packs and look books. By the way, this was way before the digital age, where we faxed everything and worked with trannies (transparencies) and couriers to take them to our clients…

It has not been easy, over the years many people didn’t understand my agency. Was I doing corporate communications or giving interior advice? Well, I am doing both and here I am today. Sticking with my gut feeling on how to do it. And although I recently said I would only focus on interior styling (and even left my PR story out on my new website), it now happens that I’ve excepted a lovely PR project! So the PR story will soon be back on my website 😉

From press pack to publicity